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Holiday Celebrations at Miss

Catherine’s Creative Learning Center

January – Chinese New Year

Different cultures are acknowledged at Miss Catherine's with celebrations. Preschoolers create and decorate a dragon to parade through every classroom.


February – Valentine’s Day

Parents are invited to join their children in the classroom for a snack and an art project.


Mardi Gras

This festival is unique to our Center and celebrates

Miss Catherine's Cajun heritage - parade and Mardi Gras beads included. Laissez les bon temps roulez!


April – Easter and Celebrate Spring

Parents are invited to participate in our annual Easter Egg Hunt.


May – Celebrate Families Day

All family members, including siblings and grandparents, are invited to come to an ice cream social to acknowledge our appreciation of families in our school.


July – Independence Day

All families are invited to join us on the playground for a firecracker popsicle.


October – Halloween Walk

All family members are encouraged to join us as we go "trick or treating" to our immediate neighbors in the Gunbarrel Square.  All the children and teachers dress up as well as siblings and some parents.  It is a safe and fun time!

November – Pumpkin Pie Party

The children make pumpkin pies and invite their parents to come enjoy their baking and to celebrate Thanksgiving.


December – Holiday Program

This is our big celebration and our gift to our parents!  Every child at Miss Catherine’s Creative Learning Center participates and performs by showing sign language, singing or playing instruments.


We invite and encourage all our parents at the Learning Center to join us in our celebrations!  We welcome any other celebrations that parents want to share with us.

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