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There is one teacher for no more than 8 children in this room. This room is referred to as the Toddler/Preschool transition room and is the last room designated for potty training before moving into the preschool room. Preschool materials are integrated into the lesson planning.  Letters, numbers, and shapes are an important part of the daily lessons.  Easel art is always available. The children are working toward learning self-help skills.

Learning Center Programs

Hours: 7:00 AM-6:00 PM

“Teaching Strategies Gold” tracks each child’s progress, expectations, and needs. This method is based on observation, documentation, assessment, and communication.  Each child moves at his/her own pace through each developmentally appropriate class. We are NAEYC-accredited, therefore our staffing-child ratio tends to be lower than Colorado licensing requirements.


Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack prepared by our cook.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are held twice a year.


Preschool Enrichment includes:

Art and Spanish teachers and opportunities for community outreach.


All teachers are educated and experienced in Infant/Toddler Theory and Practices.

Guppy Room: Miss Jana and Miss Sharon

Angelfish Room: Miss Robin

Frog Room: Miss Ann

There is one teacher for no more than 7 children in this room.  Potty training continues in this room. The children now play on the bigger preschool playground and become more engaged in creative building with blocks and Legos. The art projects become more involved.


Starfish Room: Miss Leta

Turtle Room: Miss Christina

These children are between the ages of 4-5 years old.  There are two teachers with a ratio of 1:10.  These teachers prepare the older children for kindergarten by providing them with a pre-kindergarten curriculum based on the “Creative Curriculum.” These children work on journaling, writing, and story dictation. They learn letters and sounds as a preparation for reading and writing. All these skills meet the expectations and standards necessary for a successful kindergarten experience.

Whale Room: Miss Ellen and Miss Suzan

Our Octopus logo depicts learning on both sides of the brain….

Left Side







Right Side







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These children are between 16 months and 2 years.  Many of our babies from the Infant Center transition into this room. We are unique in that the ratio remains 1:4 until they transfer into the two-year-old room. (Colorado licensing ratio requirement is 1:5.)  


The room is divided into two spaces and primary care is given with one teacher on each side with her 4 children.  The children are introduced to a circle time where they sing songs and read books.

There is one teacher for no more than 7 children in this room.  This is where potty training can begin if the child is ready. Fine motor skills like Play-Doh, gluing, and puzzles become more of a part of the daily activities. More self-art is introduced and encouraged at this age, including the easel.

There is one teacher for no more than 10 children in this room.  These children are between the ages of 3-4 years old and must be completely potty trained. The children are encouraged to incorporate their self-help skills. They are introduced to more art, music, dance, math readiness, and literacy.  Miss Christina, who is bilingual, also incorporates Spanish into her lessons. She teaches a Spanish lesson to the Turtles and the Whales each week.

Swimming lessons offered to the older preschoolers in the summer.

Miss Kelye of Musicare comes once a week for everyone.

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Swimming instructors at Longmont Athletic Club are American Red Cross-certified.